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In search of the Australian Canola Field

Australian children plan to visit many places during the school holidays. Parents implement that. The four of us had already started thinking about where to go for this school holiday. Friends Aashiq, Lavanya Bhabi, and their two children Ayan and Ethan; Friends Asad, Kumu Bhabi and their three children Samiha, Afif and Tufa; Friends Ghalib, Suzanne and their daughter Liana and four members of our family planned to visit Canola Field this time. Spring is now upon us in Australia. New leaves and fragrant flowers have appeared on the trees all around. Yellow flowers are blooming in the canola fields. Seen through the eyes of a bird, the whole area looks like a yellow sea.

Ashik was given the responsibility of implementing the plan. He is the planner and guide of all our trips. Because if he has not been to those places before, he has studied the details and gathered information. The plan is that we will travel on Friday, the last day of the week, and return on Sunday. The destination was Wagawaga. There is the famous Canola Trail in Sydney. We left on Friday afternoon. A total of four and a half hours of travel. Ashik decided that we would make our first stop at the Rocky Hill War Memorial and Museum in Golburn. The museum is located at the top of a high hill. As soon as they reached there, the children started running. We adults also took a little walk to get rid of the numbness of the limbs. Then I left again. Friend Ghalib lives with his family in Golbarn. He also joined us.

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